Si3N4 silicon nitride ceramic

Si3N4 silicon nitride ceramic is a gray ceramics. Silicon nitride ceramic has the best thermal conductivity when used for aluminum melting. It has excellent resistance to thermal shock resistance, and it has a property that it is comparatively hard to get wettability with molten metal.

We use submergible heating element and heat source is in the center of aluminum solution. So we have great heat-transfer performance which can save more energy consumption than traditional heating methods. Aluminum Sollution at the top of the kiln will not be oxidated because of overheating. The loss of aluminum will be lower. The quality of aluminum casting parts will be better. At the same time, the damage due to residue of aluminum dregs in the kiln wall will be reduced.

We mainly produce thermocouple protection tube, heater protection tube, stopper pipe, stalk, degassing rotor and refining tube components.

stopper pipe