On May 30th, Guangzhou Ceramics Industry Exhibition welcomed the professional visitors from the ceramics industry on the first day of the exhibition. The number of visitors on the first day amounted to 33,239, including 6,953 from overseas, 217 from Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan, and South Korea and India. The delegation from Bangladesh, the Sri Lankan delegation, the Indonesian delegation, and the Vietnamese delegation arrived on the day before their launch and was hosted by the organizers of the Guangzhou Ceramics Industry Exhibition.

The reason why the Guangzhou Ceramics Industry Exhibition chose to hold it in Guangzhou Canton Fair was because the Canton Fair has mature and complete supporting facilities. There is an adequate underground parking lot. From the underground elevator to the exhibition hall, there is no need to “run a marathon” under the scorching sun. The Canton Fair Complex undertakes large-scale exhibition projects such as the Canton Fair, which has rich experience in aspects such as security, construction, transportation, etc., enabling our exhibitors and visitors to work in an orderly manner such as exhibition, visit, and dismantling.

During the period from May 30 to June 2, the number of exhibitors in the Guangzhou Ceramics Industry Exhibition reached more than 900. Here,

  • The world’s top technology manufacturers
  • The most complete suppliers
  • The most raw materials, glazes, and ink process experts
  • The most beautiful design program.
  • The leading machinery and equipment manufacturers